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Integrate Soda with Microsoft Teams

Last modified on 24-May-24

Configure Soda Cloud to connect your account to MS Teams so that you can:

  • send alert notifications for failed or warning check results to MS Teams
  • start conversations to track and resolve data quality incidents with MS Teams

Configure an MS Teams integration

  1. As an Admin user, log in to your Soda Cloud account, navigate to your avatar > Organization Settings, then select the Integrations tab.
  2. Click the + at the upper right of the table of integrations to add a new integration.
  3. In the Add Integration dialog box, select Microsoft Teams.
  4. In the first step of the guided integration workflow, download the Soda logo that you need to set up an incoming webhook with MS Teams.
  5. Navigate to your MS Teams account to set up an incoming webhook; see Microsoft’s documentation for Create Incoming Webhooks. Use this Soda logo, if you wish, to customize the incoming webhook.
  6. Returning to Soda Cloud with the URL for the incoming webhook, continue to follow the guided steps to complete the integration. Reference the following tables for guidance on the values to input in the guided steps.
Field or Label Guidance
Name Required
Provide a unique name for your integration in Soda Cloud.
URL Required
Input the incoming webhook URL you obtained from MS Teams. See section below for details.
Enable to send notifications to Microsoft Teams when a check result triggers an alert. Check to allow users to select MS Teams as a destination for alert notifications when check results warn or fail.
Use Microsoft Teams as the default notification channel for all check result alerts. Check to automatically configure check results alert notifications to MS Teams by default.
Users can deselect MS Teams as the notification destination in an individual check, but it is the prepopulated destination by default.
Enable to use use Microsoft Teams to track and resolve incidents in Soda Cloud. Check to allow users to send incident information to an MS Teams channel.
Channel URL Required for incident integration
Provide a channel identifier to which Soda Cloud sends all incident events. See Integration for Soda Cloud incidents below.

Integration for Soda Cloud alert notifications

You can use this integration to enable Soda Cloud to send alert notifications to an MS Teams channel to notify your team of warn and fail check results.

With such an integration, Soda Cloud enables users to select MS Teams as the destination for an alert notification of an individual check or checks that form a part of an agreement, or multiple checks.

To send notifications that apply to multiple checks, see Set notification rules.

Integration for Soda Cloud incidents

You can use this integration to notify your team when a new incident has been created in Soda Cloud. With such an integration, Soda Cloud displays an external link to the MS Teams channel in the Incident Details.

Soda Cloud sends all incident events to only one channel in MS Teams. As such, you must provide a separate integration link in the Channel URL field in the Define Scope tab. For example, To obtain the channel link in MS Teams, right-click on the channel name in the overview sidebar.

Refer to Incidents for more details about using incidents in Soda Cloud.

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Last modified on 24-May-24