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Integrate Soda with Atlan

Last modified on 11-Jun-24

Integrate Soda with Atlan to access details about the quality of your data from within the data catalog.

  • Run data quality checks using Soda and visualize quality metrics and rules within the context of a data source, dataset, or column in Atlan.
  • Use Soda Cloud to flag poor-quality data in lineage diagrams.
  • Give your Atlan users the confidence of knowing that the data they are using is sound.




  • You have completed at least one Soda scan to validate that the data source’s datasets appear in Soda Cloud as expected.
  • You have an Atlan account with the privileges necessary to allow you to set up a Connection in your Atlan workspace.

Set up the integration

  1. Follow the instructions to Generate API keys in Soda to use for authentication in your Atlan connection.
  2. Follow Atlan’s documentation to set up the Connection to Soda in your Atlan workspace.

🎥 Watch the Atlan-Soda integration in action!

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Last modified on 11-Jun-24