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Collaborate on data monitoring

One of the main benefits of using Soda Cloud is the ability to collaborate with your teammates on the work to monitor and maintain data quality. Including multiple perspectives yields a more robust interpretation of “good quality data”.

Integrate with Slack

Integrate your Slack workspace in your Soda Cloud account so that Soda Cloud can send Slack notifications to your team when a data issue triggers an alert.

integrate slack

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Organization Settings > Integrations, then follow the guided steps to authorize Soda Cloud to connect to your Slack workspace.
  2. Select the all Slack channels to which you might send notifications when Soda finds an issue with your data, then Save.

Invite your team members

Invite the members of your team to join you in your work to monitor data quality in your organization.

In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Invite Team Members and fill in the blanks.

When your team members receive the invitation email, they can click the link in the email to create their own accounts and access your Soda Cloud datasets, monitors, and monitor results directly. They can also create new monitors in your account.

Share test results

Collaborating as a team on Soda Cloud means you can quickly share the lastest test results for a dataset with others.

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to the Datasets dashboard, then select the dataset you wish to share.
  2. Copy the URL of the dataset, then paste it into a message to the teammates who have accepted your invitation and created a Soda Cloud account.

share dataset

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Last modified on 15-Sep-21

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