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For each

Use a for each configuration to execute checks against multiple datasets during a scan.

for each dataset T:
    - dim_products%
    - fact%
    - exclude fact_survey_response
    - row_count > 0

Configure for each

Add a for each section to your checks YAML file to specify a list of checks you wish to execute on multiple datasets.

  1. Add a for each dataset T section header anywhere in your YAML file. The purpose of the T is only to ensure that every for each configuration has a unique name.
  2. Nested under the section header, add two nested keys, one for datasets and one for checks.
  3. Nested under datasets, add a list of datasets against which to run the checks. Refer to the example below that illustrates how to use include and exclude configurations and wildcard characters (%) .
  4. Nested under checks, write the checks you wish to execute against all the datasets listed under datasets.
for each dataset T:
    # include the dataset 
    - dim_customers
    # include all datasets matching the wildcard expression
    - dim_products%
    # (optional) explicitly add the word include to make the list more readable
    - include dim_employee
    # exclude a specific dataset
    - exclude fact_survey_response
    # exclude any datasets matching the wildcard expression
    - exclude prospective_%
    - row_count > 0

  • Soda Core dataset names matching is case insensitive.
  • If any of your checks specify column names as arguments, make sure the column exists in all datasets listed under the datasets heading.
  • To add multiple for each configurations in your checks YAML file, configure another for each section header with a different letter identifier, such as for each dataset R.

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Last modified on 01-Jul-22

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