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Release notes for Soda Cloud

[soda-cloud] Reporting API

23 November 2021

Introducing Soda Cloud Reporting API v0. This API enables you and your team to access Soda Cloud data to build reporting dashboards that share information about:

  • Soda Cloud adoption throughout your organization
  • test and monitor result status
  • dataset test coverage, and dataset health

Access the Soda Cloud Reporting API documentation to learn more. Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to build your own reporting dashbaord.

[soda-cloud] Remove Add datasets feature

25 October 2021

Soda Cloud no longer offers the feature to Add datasets directly in Soda Cloud. Instead, users add datasets using Soda SQL. With the removal of this feature, users can no longer:

  • edit data source connection details in Soda Cloud
  • define data source or dataset scan schedules in Soda Cloud
  • set time-partitioning parameters for scheduled scans

[soda-cloud] Customizable failed rows and samples

18 October 2021

Introducing the ability to prevent Soda Cloud from receiving any sample data or failed row samples for any datasets in any data sources to which you have connected your Soda Cloud account.

Alternatively, learn how to reroute sample data and failed row samples to a secure location within your organization’s infrastructure, such as an Amazon S3 bucket.

[soda-cloud] Schema Evolution Monitor in Soda Cloud

14 October 2021

New Schema Evolution monitor is now available in Soda Cloud. Read the Monitor schema evolution docs to learn more.

[soda-cloud] Roles and rights in Soda Cloud

30 September 2021

Role-based user access control support is now available for Soda Cloud. Read the Roles and rights docs to learn more.

[soda-cloud] Single sign-on (SSO) with Soda Cloud

28 September 2021

Single sign-on support is now available for Soda Cloud with SAML 2.0 Identity Providers (IdP), Okta and Azure AD. Contact Soda Support to set up Soda Cloud as a service provider in your SSO IdP so that users in your organization must log in to Soda Cloud via the IdP. Read the Single sign-on docs to learn more about activating and using SSO with Soda Cloud.

Last modified on 26-Nov-21