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Set notification rules

In Soda Cloud, you can define where and when to send alert notifications when check results warn or fail. You can define these parameters for:

  • agreements as you create or edit them; see Define SodaCL checks for business users
  • multiple checks by defining notification rules; read on!

For example, you can define a notification rule to instruct Soda Cloud to send an alert to your #sales-engineering Slack channel whenever a data quality check on the snowflake_sales data source fails.

Default rules
Set new rules
Edit or delete rules
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Default rules

By default, Soda Cloud establishes two notification rules on your Soda Cloud account by default. You can edit or delete these rules if you wish.

Send all check alerts to the Check Owner Soda Cloud sends all check results that fail or warn to the Soda Cloud user who created or owns an individual check.
Send all check alerts to the Dataset Owner Soda Cloud sends all check results that fail or warn to the Soda Cloud user who created or owns the dataset to which the checks are associated.

Refer to Data source, dataset, agreement, and check owners for details on resource ownership.

Set new rules

For a new rule, you define conditions for sending notifications including the severity of a check result and whom to notify when bad data triggers an alert.

In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Notification Rules, then click New Notification Rule. Follow the guided steps to complete the new rule. Use the table below for insight into the values to enter in the fields and editing panels in the guided steps.

Field or Label Guidance
Name Provide a unique identifier for your notification.
For Select All Checks, or select Selected Checks to use conditions to identify specific checks to which you want the rule to apply. You can identify checks according to several attributes such as Data Source Name, Dataset Name, or Check Name.
Notify Recipient Select the destination to which this rule sends its notifications. For example, you can send the rule’s notifications to a channel in Slack.
Notify About Identify the notifications this rule sends based on the severity of the check result: warn, fail, or both.

Edit or delete rules

Navigate to your avatar > Notification Rules, then click the stacked dots at the right of a check and select Edit Notification Rule or Delete Notification Rule.

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Last modified on 30-Nov-23