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Soda Library usage statistics

Last modified on 27-Sep-23

× Soda Core, the free, open-source Python library and CLI tool from which Soda Library extends, continues to exist as an OSS project in GitHub, including all Soda Core documentation.

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To understand how users are using Soda Library, and to proactively capture bugs and performance issues, the Soda development team has added telemetry event tracking to Soda Library.

Soda tracks usage statistics using the Open Telemetry Framework. The data Soda tracks is completely anonymous, does not contain any personally identifiying information (PII) in any form, and is purely for internal use.

Opt out of usage statistics

Soda Library collects usage statistics by default. You can opt-out from sending Soda Library usage statistics at any time by adding the following to your ~/.soda/config.yml or .soda/config.yml file:

send_anonymous_usage_stats: false

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Last modified on 27-Sep-23