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Release notes for Soda Cloud’s Reporting API

[reporting-api] Reporting API v1 (Preview)

15 December 2022

Released in Preview state, version 1 offers improvements and additions to Soda Cloud’s Reporting API endpoints.

  • Better performance as the API retrieves all of its data from pre-processed and aggregated data sources.
  • “Tests” have been renamed “checks”.
  • Most endpoints now use pagination.
  • A few endpoints have been deprecated, a new one, Incidents, has been added, and some have changed for the better.

Read more in the Reporting API Changelog and v1 migration guide.

[reporting-api] 0.3.0

28 July 2022


  • The datasets endpoint will not return the is_deleted on any of the dataset records as this field has been deprecated by the backend and was never a good indicator of dataset deletion due to hard-deletes.

[reporting-api] 0.2.2

21 April 2022


  • The datasets endpoint now provides creator_info and owner_info along with number_of_rows.

[reporting-api] 0.2.1

19 April 2022


  • The reporting API now accepts Soda Cloud’s API keys via headers API_KEY_ID and API_KEY_SECRET to allow users with SSO to use the API.

[reporting-api] 0.2.0

01 April 2022


  • Users must now query the tests_and_results endpoint with a single dataset_id. Documentation reflects this to users and the API throws the errors.
  • Users must now query the dataset_health endpoint with a single dataset_id. Documentation reflect this to users the API throws the errors.


  • Endpoint usage is now tracked in segment. Every time you send a query to any of the end points, the Reporting API pushes an event that contains the following information:

    • user_id
    • organization_id
    • endpoint_name
    • environment

*Last modified on 31-May-23