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Integrate Soda Cloud with Slack

As an Admin on your Soda Cloud account, integrate your Slack workspace in your Soda Cloud account so that Soda Cloud can send Slack notifications to your team when a data issue triggers an alert.

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Organization Settings > Integrations, then follow the guided steps to authorize Soda Cloud to connect to your Slack workspace.
  2. If necessary, contact your organization’s Slack Administrator to approve the integration with Soda Cloud. When your Slack Admin approves your request, proceed to the next step.
  3. In your avatar > Organization Settings > Integrations, select the Slack channels to which your team might send notifications when Soda finds an issue with your data, then Save.

Set a default Slack channel for notifications

If you wish, you can configure a setting in Soda Cloud to set a default Slack channel that Soda Cloud applies to all monitors.

  1. In your Soda Cloud account, go to your avatar > Organization Settings.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab, then click the stacked dots to the right of the Slack integration. Select Edit Integration Settings.
  3. In the Slack Channels dialog, go to the Notifications tab.
  4. Select a default Slack channel to which sends Soda Cloud notifications for all existing and new monitors.
  5. Save for your changes to take effect.

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Last modified on 01-Jul-22

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