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Integrate Soda Cloud with Slack

As an Admin on your Soda Cloud account, integrate your Slack workspace in your Soda Cloud account so that Soda Cloud can interact with individuals and channels in the workspace.

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Organization Settings, then navigate to the Integrations tab and click the + icon to add a new integration.
  2. Follow the guided steps to authorize Soda Cloud to connect to your Slack workspace. If necessary, contact your organization’s Slack Administrator to approve the integration with Soda Cloud.
    • Configuration tab: select the public channels to which Soda can post messages; Soda cannot post to private channels.
    • Scope tab: select the Soda features (alert notifications and/or incidents) which can access the Slack integration.

Set a default Slack channel for notifications

You can set a default Slack channel that Soda Cloud applies to all alert notifications. If you have not already set the default Slack channel when you initially set up the integration, you can edit it to set the default.

  1. In your Soda Cloud account, go to your avatar > Organization Settings.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab, then click the stacked dots to the right of the Slack integration. Select Edit Integration Settings.
  3. In the Slack Channels dialog, go to the Scope tab.
  4. Select a default Slack channel to which sends Soda Cloud notifications for all existing and new checks. Save for your changes to take effect.

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Last modified on 30-Sep-22