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Soda Core OSS documentation

Soda Core is an open-source CLI tool and Python library for data reliability. Soda Core serves as the foundation for Soda Cloud, but you can use it as a stand-alone, open source tool.

Use Soda Core for data quality testing both in and out of your pipeline, for data observability, and for data monitoring.

Soda Core leverages the Soda Checks Language (SodaCL), a human-readable domain-specific language (DSL) for data reliability.

Main features of SodaCL:

  • Read and write checks in a human-readable DSL
  • Includes dozens of built-in checks
  • Includes an anomaly detection check and change-over-time checks

How it works

Soda Core evaluates checks that you write in a checks YAML file using SodaCL. You can execute a collection of checks files in one scan. A scan builds and executes the necessary SQL queries, extracts the metrics, and evaluates the checks. Typically, you embed a scan in a data pipeline, or execute scans on a time-based schedule to ensure that Soda continuously checks new data.

SodaCL examples

Row count, missing, invalid, duplicates, and basic aggregates:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - row_count between 10 and 1000
  - missing_count(unit_cost) = 0
  - invalid_count(unit_cost) = 0
      valid min: 0.01
      valid max: 10000
  - invalid_percent(movement_date) < 1 %:
      valid format: date us
  - sum(units_in) > 50
  - duplicate_count(country, zip) = 0

Schema check:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - schema:
        when required column missing: [finance_key]
        when wrong column type:
          date_key: integer # use alias when fixed
          amount: double precision # use alias when fixed
        when wrong column index:
          finance_key: 0
        when forbidden column present: ["pii_*"]
        when forbidden column present: [deprecated_col]

Freshness check:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - freshness (row_added_ts) < 1h

Reference data check:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - values in organization_key must exist in dim_organization organization_key

Dynamic for each checks on multiple datasets:

for each dataset T:
    - PRD_%
    - row_count > 0

Checks with table filters that you can use to check only the most recent data in a table:

table filter CUSTOMERS [daily]:
  filter: TIMESTAMP '${ts_start}' <= "ts" AND "ts" < TIMESTAMP '${ts_end}'

checks for CUSTOMERS [daily]:
  - row_count = 6
  - missing(cat) = 2

Cross-warehouse row count comparison checks:

checks for CUSTOMERS:
  - row_count same as RAW_CUSTOMERS in other_snowflake_data_source

Examples using the metric store

If you connect Soda Core to a free Soda Cloud Developer account, Soda Core pushes scan results to Soda Cloud. Soda Cloud stores the measurements resulting from each check Soda Core executes in the metric store so you can use the following checks:

Change over time checks:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - change for row_count < 50
  - change avg last 7 for row_count < 50

Anomaly detection checks:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - row_count anomaly detection

Schema change checks:

checks for PRODUCTS:
  - schema:
        - when schema changes


Use Soda Core to scan the following data sources:

  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon Redshift
  • GCP Big Query
  • PostgreSQL
  • Snowflake

Next, install Soda Core in your own environment to try it for yourself.

Last modified on 01-Jul-22

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