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Edit data source settings

A data source is the storage location that contains your data, such as a database. Each data source contains datasets, such as tables in a database. For Soda Cloud to scan the data in your datasets, you must connect Soda Cloud to your data source by following the instructions that form a part of the Add datasets workflow.

If you wish to edit the Connection Details, Import Settings, or Scan Schedule for your data source, use the following procedure. Note that you cannot view or make changes to the encrypted password Soda Cloud uses to gain access to the data source.

  1. Log in to your Soda Cloud account, then navigate to the Datasets dashboard.
  2. Click Add Datasets then, in the Data Source modal, use the dropdown to select the data source to which you wish to make changes, then click Continue.
  3. Make the changes you wish, then click Next until you reach the last tab which allows you to Save.

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Last modified on 15-Sep-21

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