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Edit checks in Soda Cloud

Last modified on 06-Dec-22

In Soda Cloud, you can only create new checks as part of an agreement; you cannot create individual checks independent of an agreement.1

However, if you have connected Soda Core to your Soda Cloud account and run a scan using checks you wrote in a checks YAML file, you can see check results Check Results table. If you wish, you can edit those existing checks to add or adjust attributes or notifications.

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to the Checks dashboard, then click the stacked dots at the right of the check you wish to edit and select Edit Check.
  2. Make changes to existing Notifications, or use the search bar to add or remove notifications.
  3. Navigate to the Attributes tab, then change the value for the Check Owner field and add any details to the Description field, then Save.

1 You can still create an individual check for a dataset that you connected to Soda Cloud via Soda SQL, a legacy product. Soda SQL is deprecated and, shortly, the ability to create individual checks in Soda Cloud will also be deprecated.

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Last modified on 06-Dec-22