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Adjust a dataset scan schedule

By default, Soda Cloud conducts a scan of each dataset in your data source according to the schedule you set when you configured the data source connection. If you wish, you can set a scan schedule specific to an individual datasest. For example, you can specify a more frequent scan schedule for a dataset that changes often.


  1. In the Dataset dashboard, click the stacked dots icon of the dataset you wish to edit.
  2. In the Scan Schedule tab, uncheck the box to Use Data Source Default Schedule, then adjust the scan schedule as needed.
    If you wish to trigger Soda scans externally, select Schedule Externally in the Dataset Scan Schedule field, then copy the JSON or CURL snippet to use outside Soda Cloud to send a POST call to
  3. Save your changes, then wait for Soda Cloud to complete the next scan of your dataset according to the new scan schedule you set.

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Last modified on 16-Jul-21

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