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Add datasets in Soda Cloud

When you sign up for a new Soda Cloud account, the first thing to do is give Soda Cloud access to the data you wish to scan. To do so, you first connect Soda Cloud to your data source, which is the storage location that contains your data, such as a database. Inside the data source are datasets, such as tables, which Soda Cloud dynamically discovers during its first scan of your data.


Connect to your data source

Overall, there are two steps in the process to add datasets to your Soda Cloud account.

  1. First, you connect to your data source and set a schedule for Soda Cloud to regularly scan your data.
  2. Then, Soda Cloud runs its first scheduled scan of data in your data source and discovers all of its datasets.

Alternatively, you can install Soda SQL, a command-line developer tool, and connect it to your Soda Cloud account to add datasets. See Connect to Soda Cloud for details.

Connection Details

In Soda Cloud, navigate to Datasets, then click Add Datasets and follow the guided steps to connect a data source and schedule scans of your data. Soda Cloud requires Connection Details and Import Settings.

The Connection Details that Soda Cloud requires are specific to the type of data source you are connecting. For example, a PostgreSQL data source connection requires slightly different information than a connection to an Amazon Redshift data source. Refer to Data source configurations for details.

Regardless of the type of data source you are connecting, Soda Cloud requires access credentials. Note that Soda Cloud stores your login credentials securely in our database; passwords are encrypyed and can only be read by the components of Soda SQL that connect to perform scans of your data.

Import Settings

Use the following table as reference for configuring the Import Settings.

Import Setting Required? Description
Schedule the automatic import of new datasets optional Enable and configure this setting to instruct Soda Cloud to regularly check for, and add, new datasets as they are added to your data source.
Import Only Datasets Matching Filters optional Enable and configure this setting to limit the datasets that Soda Cloud scans according to the filters that you define. If your data source contains a large volume of datasets, you may wish to limit your scans to specific datasets according to content.
Set the default scan schedule. required Define a regular scan schedule that applies, by default, to all datasets in the data source.

After the first scan

After Soda Cloud completes its first scan of your data according to the scan schedule you set, the Datasets dashboard displays all the datasets it automatically discovered in your data source.

Soda Cloud also automatically creates a row count anomaly detection monitor for each dataset that contains time-series data. This enables Soda Cloud to start learning row count patterns in your dataset over the course of the next few scheduled scans and surface anything it recognizes as anomalous.

From the Datasets dashboard, click one of your time-series datasets to open it, then select the Monitors tab to review the monitor that Soda Cloud created for you. Learn more about creating anomaly detection monitors.

You can also examine each dataset and configure any of the following optional settings:

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