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Send failed row samples to Soda Cloud

When a scan results in a failed test, the CLI output displays information about the test that failed and why. To offer more insight into the data that failed a test, Soda Cloud displays failed rows in a monitor’s history.

Note: The current implementation of failed rows is evolving to better serve user needs.

There are three ways you can configure Soda SQL to send failed row samples to your Soda Cloud account:

  1. define a samples configuration key in your scan YAML file
  2. use a missing-value Metric Type in your monitor in Soda Cloud
  3. use custom metrics in your scan YAML file to explicitly send failed_rows

Define a samples configuration key to send failed rows

  1. If you have not already done so, connect Soda SQL to your Soda Cloud account.
  2. Define a samples configuration key in your scan YAML file according to the Scan YAML example below; use failed_limit to define a value that represents the numerical threshold of rows in a dataset that Soda SQL sends to Soda Cloud as a sample of failed rows for any tests that fail during a scan.

For this example, imagine you define a test in your scan YAML file to make sure that 99% of the values in the productid column are correctly formatted as universally unique identifiers (UUID), then you run a scan from the command line to execute the test on the data in your dataset.

Scan YAML Example

table_name: orders
  - row_count
  - missing_count
  - missing_percentage
  - values_count
  - ...
  failed_limit: 50
  - row_count > 0
    valid_format: uuid
      - invalid_percentage <= 1

CLI output:

  | Scan summary ------
  | 126 measurements computed
  | 2 tests executed
  | 1 of 2 tests failed:
  |   Test column(productid) test(invalid_percentage <= 1) failed with measurements {"invalid_percentage": 5.181347150259067}
  | Exiting with code 1

The scan results in a failed test that indicates that 5.18% of the rows in the productid column are incorrectly formatted. This is all the information that the CLI output reveals. To review the data that failed the test, you must directly access the dataset in the data source. However, if you are a Soda Cloud user, you can review the data in the failed rows without directly accessing the data.

In Soda Cloud, the Soda SQL test manifests as a line item in the Monitor results page. The line item reveals that the test failed with an invalid percentage value of 5.18, which is what Soda SQL CLI output revealed, but you can open the monitor and navigate to the Failed Rows tab to examine the contents of a sample of the rows that failed. Soda Cloud offers this quick view of the failing data in your dataset to help you identify issues and address causes.



If you open the monitor whose test failed during a scan but cannot click the Failed Rows tab, click a failed data point in the chart that shows the monitor’s scan results over time. This action identifies the specific set of failed rows associated with an individual scan result so it can display the failed rows associated with that individual scan.

Use a missing-value Metric Type to collect failed row samples

If you use one of the following Metric Types in a test that you define in a monitor, Soda SQL automatically sends a sample of five failed rows associated with the failed test to Soda Cloud with the scan results.

  • Missing Values
  • Invalid Values
  • Distinct

When Soda Cloud runs its next scheduled scan of your dataset, or when you run a scan in Soda SQL, Soda SQL collects and sends a sample of failed rows for the monitors that use the above-listed metric types.

Explicitly send a sample of failed rows

You can use Soda SQL custom metrics (also known as SQL metrics) to explicitly demand that Soda SQL send failed rows to Soda Cloud when a scan results in a failed test.

  1. If you have not already done so, connect Soda SQL to your Soda Cloud account.
  2. In your scan YAML file, use type: failed_rows when writing a SQL query to retrieve a sample of failed_rows in a dataset, as in the example below. By default, failed_rows collects five rows of data that failed the test defined in the SQL query and displays them in Soda Cloud as failed rows in the monitor that represents the test that failed during a scan.

In the following example, Soda SQL runs the scan and Soda Cloud displays a sample of five failed_rows of data that failed the test defined as a SQL query.

  - type: failed_rows
  - sql: |
      SELECT *

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Last modified on 15-Sep-21

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