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Soda SQL usage statistics

× Soda SQL has been deprecated.
Use Soda Core with SodaCL to write checks for data quality.

To understand how users are using Soda SQL, and to proactively capture bugs and performance issues, the Soda development team has added telemetry event tracking to Soda SQL.

Soda tracks usage statistics using the Open Telemetry Framework. The data Soda tracks is completely anonymous, does not contain any personally identifiying information (PII) in any form, and is purely for internal use.

Soda SQL sends usage statistics whenever a user invokes it using any of its commands. Access to see exactly how Soda collects usage statistics.

The table below lists the metrics and attributes that Soda currently tracks.

Attribute or metric Derivation and notes
user_cookie_id uuid generated once and stored in ~/.soda/config.yaml
command_name Soda SQL command or API method name
command_options Soda SQL command or API method name
version version of soda-sql
datasource_type name of the warehouse
datasource_id hash of one of the following:
- host (Postgres, Redshift, Spark)
- account (Snowflake)
- project (BigQuery)
- and so on for other warehouse types
sql_metrics_count count of user-defined custom sql metrics
historic_metrics_count count of user-defined historic metrics
architecture machine architecture
operating_system operating system a user is using
python_version version of Python a user is using
python_implementation environment which provides support for executing Python programs
invocation_start span start from the Open Telemetry Framework
invocation_end span end from Open Telemetry Framework

Opt out of usage statistics

Soda SQL collects usage statistics by default. You can opt-out from sending Soda SQL usage statistics at any time by adding the following to your ~/.soda/config.yml file:

send_anonymous_usage_stats: false

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Last modified on 01-Jul-22