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Create monitors and alerts

Log in to Soda Cloud to create monitors, and customize alerts that send notifications to your team when a scan surfaces data issues.

Further, you can use monitors to track data quality over time. Soda Cloud stores your scan results and prepares charts that represent the volume of failed tests in each scan. These visualizations of your scan results enable you to see where your data quality is improving or deteriorating over time.

Soda SQL refers to monitors as tests. Refer to Tests to learn how to define a test using Soda SQL.


  1. Create a free Soda Cloud account at
  2. Install Soda SQL in your local or development environment. Soda SQL executes the scans, then pushes the results of its scans to your Soda Cloud account.
  3. Use Soda SQL to analyze the tables in your warehouse and run your first scan.
  4. Connect Soda SQL to your Soda Cloud account.
  5. (Optional) Integrate with Slack to enable Soda Cloud to send Slack notifications to your team.

Create a monitor and an alert

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to the Monitor Results table, then click the stacked dots to Create Monitor. Select the type Metric, then follow the guided steps to complete the setup.
  2. Specify the Slack or email notifications you want to send when bad data triggers a Critical Alert or Warning, add a brief description of what your monitor tests, then Save your monitor. Your new monitor appears as a row in the Monitor Results table.
  3. Access your command-line interface, then use Soda SQL to scan your data again.
    $ soda scan warehouse.yml tables/yourtablename.yml
  4. Check your Slack channel or email inbox; when a scan surfaces data that triggers your alert, Soda Cloud sends a notification.
  5. Return to Monitor Results in Soda Cloud and refresh your browser. Click the monitor to access details that can help you diagnose and solve the data issue.

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