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Connect to Soda Cloud

× Soda SQL has been deprecated.
Use Soda Core with SodaCL to write checks for data quality.

To use all the features and functionality that Soda Cloud and Soda SQL have to offer, you can install and configure the Soda SQL command-line tool, then connect it to your Soda Cloud account.

Soda SQL uses an API to connect to Soda Cloud. To use the API, you must generate API keys in your Soda Cloud account, then add them to the warehouse YAML file that Soda SQL created. Note that the API keys you create do not expire.

  1. If you have not already done so, create a Soda Cloud account at
  2. Use the instructions in Install Soda SQL to install Soda SQL.
  3. Follow steps in the Quick start tutorial to create your warehouse YAML file, connect to your data source, analyze your datasets, and run a scan on the data.
  4. Open the warehouse.yml file in a text editor, then add the following to the file:
      api_key_id: env_var(API_PUBLIC)
      api_key_secret: env_var(API_PRIVATE)
  5. Save the warehouse.yml file.
  6. Open your ~/.soda/env_vars.yml file in a text editor, then add API_PUBLIC: and API_PRIVATE as per the following:
      POSTGRES_USERNAME: sodasql
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: Eg abc123
  7. In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Profile > API Keys, then click the plus icon to generate new API keys.
    • Copy the API Key ID, then paste it into the env_vars.yml file as the value for API_PUBLIC.
    • Copy the API Key Secret, then paste it into the env_vars.yml file as the value for API_PRIVATE.
  8. Save the changes to the env_vars.yml file. Close the Create API Key dialog box in your Soda Cloud account.
  9. From the command-line, use Soda SQL to scan the datasets in your data source again.
    $ soda scan warehouse.yml tables/[datasetname].yml
  10. Navigate to your Soda Cloud account in your browser and refresh the page. Review the results of your scan in Monitor Results.

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Last modified on 10-Aug-22