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Soda Library CLI commands

Last modified on 27-Sep-23

× Soda Core, the free, open-source Python library and CLI tool from which Soda Library extends, continues to exist as an OSS project in GitHub, including all Soda Core documentation.

Migrate to Soda Library to connect to Soda Cloud and access all the newest Soda features.
Command Description
soda ingest Ingests dbt test results to display in Soda Cloud. See Integrate with dbt.
soda scan Uses the configurations in your checks YAML file to prepare, then run SQL queries against the data in your data source. See Run a Soda Library scan for details.
soda suggest Generates a checks YAML file based on your responses to prompts in the Soda Library CLI.
soda test-connection Tests the connection to the data sources for which you configured a connection in your configuration YAML file.
soda update-dro Updates a distribution reference file that a distribution check uses.

List of commands

To see a list of Soda Library command-line interface (CLI) commands, use the soda command.




Usage: soda [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Soda Library CLI version 1.0.x

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  ingest           Ingests test results from a different tool
  scan             Runs a scan
  test-connection  Tests a connection
  update-dro       Updates contents of a distribution reference file

List of command options

To see a list of configurable options for each command, use the command-line help.

soda ingest --help
soda scan --help
soda suggest --help
soda update-dro --help

Refer to Add scan options for more information.

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Last modified on 27-Sep-23