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Soda Cloud reference

Soda Cloud is a web application that connects to Soda Core. It extends Soda Core functionality, giving users the ability to:

  • use a metric store
  • collaborate with others
  • use an issue resolution workflow
  • integrate with software as a service (SaaS) tools

Soda Core is the open source engine to compute observability metrics and evaluate checks. Soda Cloud is Soda’s commercial offering which includes a free Soda Cloud Developer account.

Access the Soda Cloud documentation for details.

Soda Cloud developer account

Sign up for a free Soda Cloud Developer account and configure Soda Core to connect to Soda Cloud to take advantage of several features.

  • Metric store
  • Change-over-time metrics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Shared profiling, visualization, and data docs
  • Check history view
  • Scan schedule and check identity

Last modified on 01-Jul-22

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