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Scan output in Soda Cloud

When you define checks in a checks YAML file and use Soda Core to run a scan, the check results manifest in the Checks Results table in Soda Cloud. Log in to view the Checks dashboard; each row in the Checks Results table represents the result of a check, and the icon indicates whether the test passed, warned, or failed.


Check results indicate whether check passed, warned, or failed during the scan. However, if a scan itself failed to complete successfully, Soda Cloud displays a warning message in the Datasets dashboard under the dataset for which scans have failed. Soda Cloud does not send an email or Slack notification when a scan fails, only when checks fail.


Soda Core use a secure API to connect to Soda Cloud. When it completes a scan, Soda Core:

  1. securely gains access to Soda Cloud
  2. pushes the results of any checks you configured in the checks YAML file to Soda Cloud


Overwrite scan output in Soda Cloud

When you use Soda Core to run a scan, Soda Core sends the test reults to Soda Cloud where they manifest as rows in the Check Results table. If you wish to overwrite a check result, you can do so by running the scan again and overwriting the timestamp.

In Soda Core, use the -t or --data-timestamp option in your soda scan command and provide a timestamp date in ISO8601 format, as in the following example.

soda scan -d adventureworks -t 2021-04-28T09:00:00+02:00 -c configuration.yml tables/orders.yml

See Add scan options for more scan options.

Run an ad hoc scan preview

If you wish to run a scan immediately to see the check results for the checks you included in your agreement, you can run an ad hoc scan within the scan definition.

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Scans & Data, then access the Scan Definitions tab.
  2. In the list of scan definitions, click the one that you associated with the agreement you just defined.
  3. In the Scan Defintion page, click Run scan to immediately execute all agreements that use this scan definition.

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Last modified on 30-Sep-22