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Scan output in Soda Cloud

When you define checks in a checks YAML file and use Soda Core to run a scan, the check results manifest as Monitor Results in Soda Cloud. Log in to view the Monitors dashboard; each row in the Monitor Results table represents the result of a check, and the icon indicates whether the test passed, warned, or failed.


Monitor results indicate whether check passed, warned, or failed during the scan. However, if a scan itself failed to complete successfully, Soda Cloud displays a warning message in the Datasets dashboard under the dataset for which scans have failed. Soda Cloud does not send an email or Slack notification when a scan fails, only when checks fail.


Soda Core use a secure API to connect to Soda Cloud. When it completes a scan, Soda Core:

  1. securely gains access to Soda Cloud
  2. pushes the results of any checks you configured in the checks YAML file to Soda Cloud


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Last modified on 01-Jul-22

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