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Manage resource permissions in Soda Cloud

Last modified on 23-Jul-24

To manage the resource-level permissions of users that belong to a single organization, Soda Cloud uses roles, groups, and access permissions. These role-based access permissions enforce limits on the abilities for people to make additions and changes to resources in Soda Cloud, including agents, data sources, and datasets.

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Resource-level roles and permissions
Change access to a dataset

Resource-level roles and permissions

Where account-level roles and permissions apply to your organization’s Soda Account, the roles and access permissions described in the table below apply to the following resources in your account:

data sources
scan definitions

The roles that define who can make changes to resources in Soda Cloud are Admin, Manager, Editor, and Viewer. As an Admin, you can apply resource-level roles to both individual users and user groups.

The following table outlines the permissions of each resource-level role.

Permissions Admin Manager Editor Viewer
Add, edit, and delete a self-hosted Soda Agent      
Add, edit, or delete a data source via a Soda-hosted or self-hosted agent      
Change the owner of a data source      
Add or adjust a data source’s default scan definition      
Add a scan definition in an agreement or during no-code check creation  
Delete a scan definition      
Control user access to a dataset and its checks (add or remove access)    
Change the roles of users with access to a dataset and its checks    
Apply dataset attributes to datasets  
Configure Soda to collect sample data for a dataset      
Configure Soda to profile datasets in a data source      
Activate an anomaly dashboard for a dataset (preview access only)    
Add and edit dataset Attributes, such as Description or Tags  
Access a dataset’s page to view metadata and checks, and dataset info
Edit or delete a dataset    
Run a scan    
View scan results of checks associated with a dataset or agreement
Propose and test a no-code check
Add, edit, or delete a no-code check  
Apply check attributes when proposing a check
Edit or delete individual checks associated with a dataset ingested via Soda Library  
Access failed row samples for a check
Create a new agreement  
Approve and reject agreements as a stakeholder
Edit an existing agreement, including adding a new scan definition  
Apply check attributes in an agreement  
View agreements
Begin or participate in a discussion
Close a discussion
Create and track incidents associated with one or more check results
Delete an incident  
Create, edit, or delete a notification rule  
Set the status of a notification rule (Active or Paused)  

Change access to a dataset

When any user uses Soda Library to add a new dataset to the Soda Cloud account, the user automatically becomes the Dataset Owner. The new dataset can only be accessed by an Admin and the Dataset Owner, who automatically becomes a Manager of the dataset, until the Admin or Dataset Owner changes access to the dataset to grant other users access.

As an Admin or a Manager of a dataset, you can access the Responsibilities tab for an individual dataset to make changes to the default role assignments in the dataset. All users, regardless of their role assignment, can view the Responsibilities tab for a dataset.

  1. As an Admin or Manager, login to your Soda Cloud account and navigate to the Datasets dashboard.
  2. Click the stacked dots to the right of the dataset for which you wish to adjust the role assignments, then select Edit Dataset.
  3. In the Responsibilities tab, use the search bar to find specific users or user groups to which you wish to assign a role other than the default, Editor, then use the dropdown next to each name to adjust their role.
    Alternatively, search for the group everyone and change the role of the group.

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Last modified on 23-Jul-24