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✔ Visualize data quality test results and historical measurements

✔ Set up agreements to set data quality expecations with your team

Collaborate with colleagues to monitor data quality

✔ Create and track data quality Incidents

✔ Integrate with the ticketing and messaging tools your team already uses

SOCII Type 2 compliant


Why Soda Cloud?

Use Soda Cloud to make data quality management in your organization more accessible to more people.

  • Enable data consumers to not only access and gauge the quality they use to feed machine learning models, dashboards, or reports, but to participate in defining what “good-quality data” looks like.
  • Empower all users to write data quality checks using SodaCL, a low-code, human-readable, domain-specific language for data quality management in a UI environment.
  • Collaboratively build data products that regularly check for data quality and alert the right people at the right time when an issue could have downstream impact.
  • Set up scan schedules, automatically monitor for anomalies and schema changes over time, profile and sample data, and set up the right level of notifications to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Create data agreements, or contracts, to define and align expectations between data producers and data consumers so that everyone can trust the data they use to make decisions.
  • Use a webhook to link Soda Cloud to the tools you already use like Jira or ServiceNow so that Soda can automatically create tickets when data quality checks result in critical failures.
  • Review samples of failed rows when a check result fails to help you begin a root cause analysis for a data quality issue.

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Last modified on 31-May-23