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Examine failed rows

When a scan results in a failed test, Soda Cloud displays details of the scan results in each monitor’s Monitor History view. To offer more insight into the data that failed a test during a scan, Soda Cloud can display failed rows in a monitor’s history.

Note: The current implementation of failed rows is evolving to better serve user needs.


Use a missing-value Metric Type to collect failed row samples

If you use one of the following Metric Types in a test that you define in a monitor, Soda SQL automatically sends a sample of five failed rows associated with the failed test to Soda Cloud with the scan results.

  • Missing Values
  • Invalid Values
  • Distinct

When Soda Cloud runs its next scheduled scan of your dataset, it collects and displays a sample of failed rows for the monitors that use the above-listed metric types.

If you are a Soda SQL user and have connected to your Soda Cloud account, you can add configurations to your scan YAML file to explicitly send failed row samples to Soda Cloud. See Send failed rows to Soda Cloud for instructions.

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Last modified on 16-Jul-21

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