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Upgrade a Soda Agent

Last modified on 07-Dec-22

The Soda Agent is a Helm chart that you deploy on a Kubernetes cluster and connect to your Soda Cloud account using API keys.

To take advantage of new or improved features and functionality in the Soda Agent, you can upgrade your agent when a new version becomes available in

  1. To upgrade the agent, you need to provide the values for the API keys the agent uses to connect to Soda Cloud using flags in the helm upgrade command, or in a values YAML file. Access the values by running the following command, replacing the placeholder values with your own details.
    helm get values -n <namespace> <release name>
  2. Use the following command to find out which version of the Soda Agent Helm chart you have deployed on your cluster.
    helm list -n soda-agent
  3. Use the following command to search ArifactHub for the most recent version of the Soda Agent Helm chart.
    helm search hub soda-agent
  4. Use the following command to upgrade the Helm repository.
    helm repo update
  5. Upgrade the Soda Agent Helm chart.
    helm upgrade soda-agent soda-agent/soda-agent \
      --set*** \
      --set soda.apikey.secret=**** \

    OR, if you use a values YAML file,

    helm upgrade soda-agent soda-agent/soda-agent \
    --values values-local.yml --namespace soda-agent

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Last modified on 07-Dec-22