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Redeploy a Soda Agent

Last modified on 31-May-23

The Soda Agent is a tool that empowers Soda Cloud users to securely access data sources to scan for data quality. Create a Kubernetes cluster in a cloud services provider environment, then use Helm to deploy a Soda Agent in the cluster. Read more.

When you delete the Soda Agent Helm chart from your cluster, you also delete all the agent resources on your cluster. However, if you wish to redeploy the previously-registered agent (use the same name), you need to specify the agent ID in your override values in your values YAML file.

  1. In Soda Cloud, navigate to your avatar > Scans & Data > Agents tab.
  2. Click to select the agent you wish to redeploy, then copy the agent ID of the previously-registered agent from the URL.

    For example, in the following URL, the agent ID is the long UUID at the end.

    Alternatively, if you use the base64 CLI tool, you can run the following command to obtain the agentID.
     kubectl get secret/soda-agent-id -n soda-agent --template={{.data.SODA_AGENT_ID}} | base64 --decode
  3. Open your values.yml file, then add the id key:value pair under agent, using the agent ID you copied from the URL as the value.
         id: "***"
         secret: "***"
         id: "842feab3-snip-87eb-06d2813a72c1"
         name: "myuniqueagent"
  4. To redeploy the agent, you need to provide the values for the API keys the agent uses to connect to Soda Cloud in the values YAML file. Access the values by running the following command, replacing the soda-agent values with your own details, then paste the values into your values YAML file.
    helm get values -n soda-agent soda-agent

    Alternatively, if you use the base64 CLI tool, you can run the following commands to obtain the API key and API secret, respectively.

    kubectl get secret/soda-agent-apikey -n soda-agent --template={{.data.SODA_API_KEY_ID}} | base64 --decode
    kubectl get secret/soda-agent-apikey -n soda-agent --template={{.data.SODA_API_KEY_SECRET}} | base64 --decode
  5. In the same directory in which the values.yml file exists, use the following command to install the Soda Agent helm chart.
    helm install soda-agent soda-agent/soda-agent \
      --values values.yml \
      --namespace soda-agent
  6. Validate the Soda Agent deployment by running the following command:
    kubectl describe pods

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Last modified on 31-May-23