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Connect a Soda Agent to Soda Cloud via AWS PrivateLink

Last modified on 27-Sep-23

If you use AWS services for your infrastructure and you have deployed or will deploy a Soda Agent in an EKS cluster, you can use an AWS PrivateLink to provide private connectivity with Soda Cloud.

  1. Log in to your AWS console and navigate to your VPC dashboard.
  2. Follow the AWS documentation to Connect to an endpoint service as the service customer.
    For security reasons, Soda does not publish its Service name. Email with your AWS account ID to request the PrivateLink service name. Refer to AWS documentation for instructions on how to obtain your account ID.
  3. After creating the endpoint, return to the VPC dashboard. When the status of the endpoint becomes Available, the PrivateLink is ready to use. Be aware that this make take more than 10 minutes.
  4. Deploy a Soda Agent to your AWS EKS cluster, or, if you have already deployed one, restart your Soda Agent to begin sending data to Soda Cloud via the PrivateLink.
    kubectl -n soda-agent rollout restart deploy
  5. After you have started the agent and validated that it is running, log into your Soda Cloud account, then navigate to your avatar > Scans & Data > Agents tab. Refresh the page to verify that you see the agent you just created in the list of Agents. agent-deployed

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Last modified on 27-Sep-23