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Soda Agent

Last modified on 27-Sep-23

✔ Deploy an instance of Soda Core in a cluster in your own cloud service environment.

✔ Connect to Soda Cloud via API keys.

✔ Enable Soda Cloud to securely access multiple data sources such as Snowflake or BigQuery.

✔ Try it out locally by deploying to a Minikube cluster.

Why Soda Agent?

One, and done: connect one agent, then let your data consumers access multiple data sources to set up their own data quality agreements.

  • Connect Soda Cloud to the agent, then use the web application to connect to data sources and schedule data quality scans.
  • Empower more people in your organization with self-serve access to data sources to collaboratively manage data quality.
  • Deploy the agent in a Kubernetes cluster in nearly any cloud services environment.

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Last modified on 27-Sep-23